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3D Printer Company Opens Up A New Era for Lighting Equipment Manufacturing

April 13, 2020

In San Francisco, there is a company dedicated to the design of lighting through digital manufacturing. Their design team combines standardized components (such as lighting fixtures) with 3D printing parts to create lighting works, providing truly unique items for families or offices.

3D printer company opens up a new era for lighting equipment manufacturing-01

The company uses 3D printers and sustainable consumables such as corn starch to make lighting equipment. 3D printers not only ensure their industrial quality and efficiency, but also retain the flexibility and design freedom of 3D printing.

3D printer company opens up a new era for lighting equipment manufacturing-02

Gantri, the company's founder, who is known as dancer, said in an interview that he was curious about different manufacturing industries. When he discovered 3D printing technology, he became fascinated by 3D printers and bought a 3D printer to start printing various models every day. Gantri added that the first 3D printer purchased is still available.

3D printer company opens up a new era for lighting equipment manufacturing-03

In the past, 3D printers have been criticized as "too slow", "too poor quality", "too expensive". But gantri thinks that these problems can be solved. As a design consumer, there are many people who just want to get new designs that are too expensive to be produced in industry. So gantri boldly adopts 3D printing technology as the process of manufacturing lighting fixtures.

3D printer company opens up a new era for lighting equipment manufacturing-04

Gantri faced an early challenge. In order to succeed, they need to keep costs low and optimize production time without sacrificing the creative process. By delving into the world of 3D printers, the team has eliminated unnecessary tools and inventory, opening new doors to productivity and quality standards.

Gantri's current lamp line offers this flexible and coordinated production. Their print manufacturing plant has several 3D printers, providing stable production. The process of fine-tuning with 3D printing enables gantri to adapt to a wider range of designs and materials without sacrificing quality.

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