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3D printer tutorial | beautiful 3D printing shopping cart

November 08, 2019

Step 1: we need to download the 3D printer model of shopping cart. There are many parts. In order to improve the speed, we chose three machines to print at the same time. (Ender-3s、CR-X、LD-002)


Step 2: these parts are separated. Some of them are printed with FDM model, for example, these parts can be printed directly on the flat. If your machine prints large enough, you can print most of the parts together.


Step 3: the remaining parts are relatively small, so we choose the light curing machine. Pay attention to the placement skills. After the parts are dragged in, we need to merge these four parts. Don't forget to add support after merging!


Step 4: because our parts are relatively small, we need to adjust the parameters of the support, and set the top radius of the support to 0.3, the middle radius to 0.5.


Step 5: cut the film and start printing!



Step 6: some parts have been printed.



Step 7 Print complete.


Step 8: start the assembly and use 502 glue. Here is a finished map for reference.



Source from: https://creality3dpro.store