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CR-5 Pro is Coming Soon

March 27, 2020

CR-5 Pro is an upgraded version of CR-5 3D printer. Engineers have carried out several upgrades based on the practicability of cr-5. Let's introduce it to you this week.

All metal ivory white body, three glass transparent and clear

Compared with the original 3D printer, CR-5 Pro should be the most distinctive design. All metal ivory white body, beautiful atmosphere, left, middle and right three clear and transparent glass, 3D printing can see the whole process. CR-5 Pro packaging standard with acrylic plate, users can upgrade to fully enclosed body. After fully closed, the consumables printed by the machine will be more extensive, even the ABS with high temperature control requirements can be printed.


Using ATmega2560 main control chip

Chip is the "brain" of the whole control system, which plays a decisive role in the related intelligent hardware. Cr-5 Pro adopts the new ATmega2560 main control chip, which has excellent performance in printing accuracy, printing speed, stable voltage, component heat dissipation, etc.


Large industrial size, easy to print large objects

The upgraded cr-5 Pro can print large objects with a size of 300 × 225 × 380mm. The R & D team has upgraded the height of 60mm, and the large model can be printed easily.


One piece sheet metal body is super stable

The integrated sheet metal part design features solid connection of all parts, stable structure, excellent performance against 3D printer vibration, making the whole 3D printing process more stable and greatly improving the printing accuracy of the machine.


High power fan, stronger heat dissipation

The high-performance nozzle structure is equipped with high-power fan, with obvious heat dissipation effect, smooth and even wire output, and improved durability.


Safe and reliable Mingwei power supply

24V / 350W high-quality open latitude power supply, 115 / 230V voltage compatible at home and abroad, mature technology, stable power supply, printing safety guaranteed.


Intelligent configuration, automatic solution in case of emergency

The cr-5 Pro is equipped with a new mechanical break detection and power-off continue printing function device to intelligently deal with outstanding conditions and improve the printing success rate.


Carbon crystal silicon glass without warping edge

The printing is not warped, the flatness is kept at 0.1mm, the bottom of the model is flat and beautiful, and the molding rate of the model is high.


Carbon crystal silicon glass without warping edge

The printing is not warped, the flatness is kept at 0.1mm, the bottom of the model is flat and beautiful, and the molding rate of the model is high.


More careful thinking of humanized design

In addition to the above functions: the R & D team has upgraded the size of the touch screen, and the 4.3-inch large screen is more convenient to operate. The new UI interface makes the whole instruction clearer. The controllable LED energy-saving lamp enables 3D printing to check the printing progress at any time without the limitation of time and place.


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